Monday, October 20, 2014

Sorting with Rocks

While I was playing with the boy-o in my parents backyard the other day with rocks from their garden (possibly his favourite thing on earth...) I noticed a black plant tray that was sitting on their driveway and had a great idea. I was thinking back to the pompom and muffin tin activity we did a little while ago, and figured we could make up something very similar with the plant tray and his beloved rocks.

Although there was no colour dimension to the activity this time, there was still differently sized rocks, as well as the auditory pleasure of dropping the rocks into the tray. The boy-o could literally sit and play with rocks for hours, so this activity was of course a huge hit! He loved piling the rocks into the cups and moving them around from one to the other. This activity worked on fine and gross motor skills as well as playing around with textures and sounds.

He even tried to pick up the tray and drag it over to Grandpa to show off his work when he was all done! There was almost no clean up involved in this activity, and the rocks will be there waiting for us the next time we want to play with them.

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