Bouncing Songs for Baby

This page is dedicated to some of the silly songs and games that I like to play with the boy-o. He loves singing and anything that involves singing really! He even tries to sing along himself sometimes. These songs usually work best repeated a second time so that baby knows what's coming and gets excited about it. I've tried to provide a written description of each of the song's actions along with the words, but I've also included a video for each song in order to make the tune and timing a bit clearer. Now get bouncing and have some fun!!

Bouncing/Movement Songs: These songs are great once your baby has a little bit of head control and won't go flopping away on you! As they get older you can of course increase the level of bumping to keep it fun for older children too.

"Pace Says the Lady"

Bounce baby on your lap slowly while saying:
Pace says the lady, the lady, the lady,
Pace says the lady, the lady stops. (When you get to "stop" suddenly cease bouncing)

Bounce baby a little bit faster while saying:
Trot says the gentleman, the gentleman, the gentleman,
Trot says the gentleman, the gentleman stops. (When you get to "stop" suddenly cease bouncing)

Bounce baby a little bit faster still while saying:
Gallop says the officer, the officer, the officer,
Gallop says the officer, he falls into a ditch! (When you get to the ditch part gently tip baby backwards, while fully supporting the neck and head)

"The Grand Old Duke of York"

Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you, and sit baby on your knees holding onto them for support. When you sing about going "up" raise your knees up elevating baby, and when you sing about going "down" lower your legs back to the ground keeping a firm hold on baby. You can gently bounce them on your legs between the up and down parts if you wish.

The grand old duke of York,
He had 10 thousand men,
He marched them up to the top of the hill,
And he marched them down again.

And when they were up they were up,
And when they were down they were down,
And when they were only half way up,
They were neither up nor down!

"Charlie Chaplin"

Repeat the appropriate action three times to correspond to the words of the song.

Charlie Chaplin went to France, to teach the ladies how to dance....
First, they did the Rumba, the Rumba, the Rumba, (gently roll babies legs together in a circle)
Then they did the Samba, the Samba, the Samba, (move babies legs together sideways)
Then they did the Kicks, the Kicks, the Kicks, (bend babies legs to make a kicking motion)
Then they did the Splits, the Splits, the Splits, (pull babies legs apart in a splits motion)
Then they did the Twist, the Twist, the Twist, (cross babies legs over each other at the ankles)
And then have gave them all a Kiss, a Kiss, a Kiss! (pull babies feet towards you and kiss them!)

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