Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainbow Jello Orange Slices

I love quirky and silly munchie foods that can be served at parties. A little while ago a friend of mine wanted to have a Hawaiian themed birthday party, and I accepted the challenge of finding some fun, colourful foods to have. One of my favourites is the Jello Orange Slice! You can make these using oranges or grapefruits, depending on which one you'd rather eat since you're going to scrape all the fleshy part out leaving the shell only for the jello mould. For the best effect buy several colours/flavours of Jello!


- Jello Poweder (as many different colours as you want)
- 8-10 oranges or grapefruits
- a muffin tin
- lots of fridge space!


1. Mix up each colour of Jello powder according to the package directions minus 1/3 of the required water in separate bowls.
2. Cut your oranges/grapefruits in half and scoop out all the fleshy fruit part and eat or store in ziplock bags in fridge for smoothies etc.
3. Take the cleaned out halves and place them rounded side down on the muffin tin holes.

4. Fill each half with one colour of Jello each, and place in fridge to chill completely.

5. Once the Jello has set, place the flat side of each half down on a cutting board, and using a sharp serrated knife cut each half into thirds. Don't be too forceful with them, remember it's Jello! Once you've cut your oranges/grapefruits into slices serve and enjoy!!

Your Turn:
What's your favourite "Wow" factor party food?


  1. I am a BIG fan of jelly and this is a FAB idea! I know what I am making for a grown up party now! ummm!

  2. OMG! This looks like so much fun. This will be a great treat for the kids in the summertime. This will also be good for a kids b'day party. Thanks for the idea.

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