Friday, May 15, 2015

Monster Bum Knit Pants

I'm sure that some of you have seen these Knitted Monster Pants before--and if you're like me, you had to find someone who could make them for you IMMEDIATELY! Thankfully my mom is a knitting whiz and loves to make things for the boy-o, so it was a win-win!

They are perfect for when it's cold outside but not snowy and wet. They don't really keep any wetness out (it's just yarn) but they definitely keep the boy-o nice and toasty warm for some outdoors fun, and they're much less bulky and restrictive than traditional snow pants are.

Plus, they look totally freaking adorable! Love my little monster bum. The waist has an adjustable elastic in them, and my mom made them nice and long with tapered ankles, so he'll have lots of room to grow into them next year without them sliding down over his shoes causing a tripping hazard.

There are many different patterns available for these pants. We searched Ravelry until we found one we liked, and used that one. You'll need a login name, but it's free to use! If you don't happen to know an able and willing knitter, there are also many stores on Etsy selling them as well.

Every little should have a pair of these adorable Monster Bum pants--because let's face it, sometimes our toddlers really *are* monsters and these pants are a great way to keep mama smiling all day!

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