Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day Craft Idea #3 : I Love You THIS Much!

The third and last Father's Day craft idea that I'd like to share with you is for those who don't like to get dirty, but would still like to include their little one's hand print somehow to make it a little more personalized.

All you need is some construction paper, a pencil, some scissors and a marker!

Simply trace your little ones hands on the construction paper and cut them out. On the front hand write "I Love You." Then cut out a long strip and fold it back and forth like an accordion. Then, on each little square of the accordion write a single letter from the phrase, "This Much," and trim off any excess. Glue your phrase onto each of the hands and you're done!

You can make this one as colourful as you'd like and the handprints will make a nice keepsake! Show Dad how much you love him with a personalized card.


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