Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fireworks Craft: Canada Day Art

With Canada Day coming up this weekend I decided to make some festive art today with the kiddos. We made did some "Firework" paintings! These were super easy to make and they don't require very many materials. All you need is some black paper; some paint: red, orange and yellow; 3 pipe cleaners per child; and some sparkles and glue which are optional.

To make this craft you need to fold the group of three pipe cleaners over in half and about two inches from the bottom twist them all together and then fan out the ends into a star shape. You can open up the loop at the other end a little bit to make a nice handle. This will be your paint brush!

Once you have your pipe cleaner brush made you're all set! Simply pour out some paint on a tray and dip the fanned out end of the pipe cleaner into the paint. Press it down on the paper, turn a little bit sideways and press again, and if you want a fuller look you can turn and press a third time. Do this with each of the colours! I just used the same brush for all of them. Behold your fireworks!

For a little bit of added flair if you'd like, you can also add some sparkles to the fireworks. Simply spread a small amount of glue in the center of each firework with a few lines out into the edges of the fireworks and shake on your sparkles. 

Although we made these firework pictures to celebrate Canada Day, you can make them for any holiday or festival where you live. This craft is especially fun for little ones who might be afraid of real fireworks but who don't want to miss out on the party.


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