Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Coffee Without a Coffee Maker?

My mom was here visiting the last few days and she is a coffee-a-holic! She'll drink 4 or more cups a day sometimes and I always feel bad when she comes to visit because we don't drink coffee, and don't even own a coffee maker! In the past we've tried to remember to have some VIA singles on hand, but those things aren't cheap. When it comes to coffee she's not overly picky when circumstances are looking dire--and she'll happily take instant over tea. But this time we didn't even have any instant coffee on hand and I knew the tea in the morning just wasn't cutting it for her.

We actually had a tin of regular coffee left over from the boy-o's baptism and I was trying to think of a way to make my mum some coffee with it--then it hit me, a perfect way to make regular coffee without a coffee maker.

My husband likes to drink a lot of tea so we have a bunch of those metal tea balls, but I figured the holes in the mesh would be too big and that some of the coffee grounds would escape... BUT we also have some of those little "make your own tea bag" pouches which I figured would work perfectly!

I simply scooped a tablespoon or two of coffee into the pouch (the same as you would tea in the photo above!) and closed it, then put it inside a second one to make sure no grounds escaped. I poured my boiling water into the mug and then put the "tea bag" into the water to steep just like tea does--because after all, what's coffee besides hot water running through the grounds?
When it looked like it was dark enough I called my mom over to test it out, and the smile on her face after just smelling it told me this was a hit! She used the same "tea bag" of grounds to make two more cups later in the day and said that even the third one was still delicious with a robust flavour, and that no grounds managed to escape!
So now when she comes to visit next time, I'll be able to make her a nice hot coffee without having to worry about buying instant, and without having a coffee maker!


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  2. This is a great idea. My grandma used a sock like pouch to make her coffee.

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