Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ghost Walking in Edinburgh

Today's blog post can be found here over at Funny Life Stories. Since it was a Halloween themed guest blog post it's a little different in content then the sorts of things I usually talk about here, but it's definitely worth a read if you like Ghost Walks! I recount my experience of doing a Ghost Walk in Edinburgh with hubby while we were there on our honeymoon.

So give it a read and share the love!

The Witches and Cadies Tour


  1. I love Ghost walks! I was in Edinburgh during 1st tri pregnant w/ Dennis, and only went to the Greyfriars Kirkyard as far as "fhosts" are concerened :)
    Looking for an excuse to go back!

    xoxo Lily

    1. yeah ... that was ghosts not fhosts lol