Monday, October 28, 2013

Spooktacular Treats Part II: Healthy Pumpkins, Ghosts, and More!

So everyone knows that Halloween is full of CANDY and things that are generally terrible for teeth. If you're a parent holding a Halloween party for your kids and you're looking for some healthy(er) snacks to serve here's some of my top suggestions! If you'd like to add some roasted pumpkin seeds into the mix you can check out my previous post Spooktacular Treats Part I.

One of my cousins threw her little boy a Halloween themed birthday party (Yeah October babies!), and so the inspiration for some of these treats comes from the goodies she made for them.


Spooky Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins!

Spooky Ghosts: to make these delicious ghosts take a bunch of bananas, peel them, and halve them. On the "pointy" end place two mini chocolate chips to make eyes, and one regular sized chocolate chip to make the mouth!

Tangerine Pumpkin: to make these cute little pumpkins, take a bunch of tangerines, and peel them. To make the "stem" take some celery sticks and cut them in half lengthwise and then cut small little bits off the end to stick in the top of the tangerine!

Not only are these snacks awesomely festive, they're also a great healthy alternative to bowls of candy! They are also free of most major allergens, so you're safe on that one too!

Monster Mouths:

Monster Mouths: to make these take an apple (any colour) and cut into slices. Spread Peanut Butter on one side of each of apple. Then take some mini marshmallows and place them in a line along one edge of an apple slice. Take a second apple slice and place it ontop, Peanut Butter side facing the marshmallows. Pair up all your apples slices with marshmallows in the middle and you're all set.
These make a fun snack anytime, but are especially ideal around Halloween! These contain Peanut Butter though, so be aware of any potential allergies if serving at a party. Soy butter could be used in place of the Peanut Butter too if necessary.

Mummy Pizzas:

Mummy Pizzas: to make these yummy and simple mummy pizzas start with some English Muffins. Spread on your pizza sauce and add some peperoni. Rather than adding grated cheese, cut your mozzarella into thing strips and lay them across the pizza overlapping a little bit but showing some pizza sauce through. Leave a strip empty near the top and place a piece of sliced olive (green or black) and try to keep the pimento if you can. Bake as you normally would! (350 degrees for 8-10 minutes outta do it!)
You can certainly get creative with these and add other toppings underneath the cheese as desired. Just make sure not to put too much or it will show through the cheese!

Goblin Grins:

Goblin Grins: to make these freakish treats all you need is some peas, a red bell pepper and a few slivered almonds! Simply make a small slit lengthwise in the pea pod, place a small chunk of red pepper sticking out, and add some slivered almonds to look like teeth!
Goblin Grins
Again this one uses nuts, so please be careful if using for a children's party that their are no nut allergies! These don't do well with a lot of moving around either, so make sure once you make them you're setting them down on the tray they'll be served on so you don't need to try and move them afterwards.
And now you're all set to create a tasty, and healthy, Halloween party that your kids are sure to love! Making food fun is always a great way to get kids interested in eating healthy. If you have older children you can even get them to help make some of these delicious treats--especially the monster mouths!! 


  1. Thanks for these great ideas! I'm going to make an edit to my own post about Halloween treats to link to this. I've seen the tangerines and banana ones done before but I love that apple and peanut butter one. It's a must try in this house (hubby loves peanut butter).

    1. Thanks for your comment Lexi, and for your share! The Peanut Butter one is my favourite too! You can replace the marshmallows in that one with slivered almonds too if you want an even healthier option.

    2. Marshmallows aren't that bad and my daughter loves them (in fact, so do I!). But that's for the alternative.

  2. Cute, cute ideas! Hope this comment goes through......trying to figure all this blogging stuff out! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Peggy. Looks like Blogger is working now!