Monday, January 20, 2014

First Weekend Away!

So this weekend was my first trip ever away from the boy-o, who will be 9 months old tomorrow. Before I'd never been gone more than 5 or 6 hours in a row, and he's been asleep for at least a couple of those hours. Well, this weekend I was gone from Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon. TWO WHOLE NIGHTS. It was a friend's birthday, and she wanted to go to Niagara Falls to celebrate. It was certainly difficult to go, and I knew that I would miss the boy-o like crazy--but it seemed like an important thing to try out. (Thank God for texting!)

In the end it turned out just fine. I had a lovely weekend away with friends, and the boy-o and daddy had a good weekend at home together getting to spend some quality time with each other. There was much cuddling and rejoicing when I got home again today, and it feels good to know that I was missed too.

Also, I got to do some pretty cool things this weekend. I held a huge lizard thing, and had a parrot perch on my arm at the Wild Bird Kingdom. We saw the Falls lit up at night, ate some delicious food, and I SLEPT IN for the first time in 9 months, not just one day, but two mornings in a row. Heaven!

Of course I felt guilty for leaving the boy-o behind and I was thinking about him a lot, and ended up picking him up two little souvenirs to commemorate our first real time apart. He liked the Moose a fair bit as he's super soft, and I think the little bear backpack will be totally adorable once he's a little bigger and can wear it.

So, overall it was definitely a positive experience and I'm really glad I went. Although I'm exhausted from the late nights, and traveling etc. I'm also refreshed in a whole different way and I'm looking forward more than ever to getting back to the serious business of play with my baby boy!

How old was your little one the first time you went away without them?


  1. So unbelievably jealous of your lie ins!! xxx

    1. It was pretty incredible! If only I had gone to bed at a reasonable time, I would have actually gotten more sleep too. ;)