Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Polar Vortex and Playdates

Where I live the weather has been pretty crazy for all of 2014 so far, fluctuating between -40 with the windchill to a balmy +8. The terrible weather has made it really difficult to get out and about and cabin fever has set in pretty hardcore a few times. We don't have a car so we rely on getting around via public transit which can be quite difficult when it's cold and snowy because the sidewalks often aren't ploughed which makes pushing a stroller down the street near impossible. (I seriously need to look into getting some skies for that baby!)

One of the ways that we've tried to help combat the cabin fever of the Polar Vortex is to set up playdates with some of the other local mamas. This way we don't need to travel very far and we get the chance to socialize with each other while the babies play together. We've decided to take turns hosting the playdate each week so no one person has to host all the time, and I think it'll be a really great way to help beat the Winter blues!

These playdates give us mamas a chance to have some real adult conversation and get to know each other better, and the babies get a change of scenery and an opportunity to break up their day a little bit. It's also really great because it's helping to teach them about sharing. Of course they have no idea what that's all about yet, but it's great to expose them to it early so that they learn to take turns.

I can't wait till this Polar Vortex crap is done, but at least there's some silver lining to it!


  1. We love a good play date. I usually end up hosting at my house as the layout of the kitchen and toy room is easy and spacious.
    I dont mind though- means we do not have to go out into the cold!

  2. If we had the space we would love to host playdates more often too! We do host an adult games night every Friday night once the boy-o is in bed though for that exact reason. It's nice to already be home at the end of the night!