Saturday, September 21, 2013

7 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

One of the comments on my previous post Product Review: Whale of a Tub pointed out that it would make a good baby shower gift (which is how we got ours!) and she's totally right! Then it got me thinking that there are lots of things I would really strongly recommend as shower gifts having gone through that process myself. So this post is all about my Top Suggestions as a new mom for baby shower gifts. I will preface this by saying that every baby is different and what was amazing for us might be less appreciated by another baby and vice-versa.

We've all been invited to a baby shower before and thought "I have no idea what to get them!" So you buy a cute outfit and call it a day. And yes, all those outfits are totally adorable, but one thing new moms rarely lack is clothing for their little ones!! If you really want to buy clothes, buy them in a bigger size like 3-6m so all the clothing they receive isn't the same size. If you're looking for suggestions besides clothes however, read on!

7 Best Baby Shower Gift Suggestions:

1. BrestFriend Pillow: This item is obviously only useful if the mama-to-be is intending to try breastfeeding, but if she is--then GET THIS! We had a lot of troubles getting things going in the feeding department and after visiting with a lactation consultant several times where they had these pillows I made my husband go buy one immediately. They are especially useful if the mama is not overly well endowed because it raises your baby up quite high which makes it easier for everyone! Also, the pillow is contoured to wrap around your body and it buckles in behind you. This was a lifesaver for those 1am, 3am, and 5am feeds. With the pillow securely attached to you, you don't have to worry about it slipping off, and because it creates a nice wide, flat surface, if you both happen to doze off while feeding it's not a big deal because baby is fully supported.

2. Bouncy Chair: You don't need a fancy bouncer to do the job--as long as it vibrates you're all set! We used this chair A LOT when the boy-o was small. He loved the vibrating sensation and it would calm him down pretty much immediately if he was upset. He used it to sit in, to nap in, and to play in. We used to set it in the middle of the kitchen table while we ate dinner so he could be part of the action. Now that he's bigger he loves the toy bar on it and grabbing at those. We never really used the music part, so it's sort of an extra bonus for someone who does want to use it. The best part is that this gift is inexpensive (often on sale!) and will last them for a while. Ours has certainly got a lot of mileage in the last 5 months. Just remember if you purchase this item, get a few sets of batteries for it too!

3. Activity Gym: Although this one also requires batteries, I can't recommend it enough! It's also a little more expensive then my other suggestions--so you might want to go together with someone else to purchase this one. We have the same play mat and it provided hours of fun and enjoyment! The boy-o loves trying to swat the dangling toys and would get totally transfixed by the colour changing star when the music was playing. He would also wiggle all over dancing along to it. Once he got too big and could grab onto the toys on the bar to pull it down, the mat served as a colourful, padded space to do tummy time! These come in all kinds of themes and colour variations, and with most of them you can switch out the toys for other ones you might have at home to keep it new and interesting.


4. Whale of a Tub: My previous post on the Whale of a Tub basically sums up why it's so awesome so I won't bother repeating it here, except to say that it really is amazingly helpful. It's also super cute.

5. Lamaze Toy: We have Mortimer the Moose (affectionately called La Mooze in our house) and he's awesome!! We don't travel anywhere without that thing! They make a whole line of creatures that are essentially the same. They're bright and colourful, they have parts that jingle and parts that crinkle, they have hard parts for chomping on when those teeth start to come through, and they're soft and cuddly too. We got ours second hand from a friend who was clearing out her baby stuff and what a gift it was!

6. Sleep Sheep and Friends: This is a cuddly "white noise" machine that can clip onto babies crib, bassinet, or cradle. It also comes in a travel size to attach to strollers/car seats etc. We use this adorable little sheep every night. It has several sound effects to help lull baby to sleep to encourage self-soothing and it's down right adorable! It takes batteries, but they last for a really long time. After five months of use we haven't had to change them yet--and we use this sheep every single night!

7. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets: Not every baby is happy to be swaddled, but these blankets were a total lifesaver for us! The boy-o is very tall and quite quickly grew out of the regular cotton blankets you can buy for swaddling at Sears or Toys R Us, but he sleeps so much better when he can't flail his arms around and hit himself in the face. (go figure!) These blankets are super light and perfect for when the weather gets hot but you still want to swaddle your little one at night. They're also a great option for covering the stroller when you're trying to block out some of the sun and for blocking out stimulation at nap time.

There are certainly other items that we really love as well (like the Exersaucer!), but these 7 are items that I think would make a perfect shower gift for the mom-to-be! What are some of the most useful items you received or bought for your baby?


  1. My son is grown, meaning one day I will be shopping for a shower gift for a grand child. Things have changed so much as far as products since I raised my son so what I purchased would not add value to your blog. But, I do admit, when I get shower gifts, I tend to give something home made and do not buy anything that requires batteries. But - that activity gym looks like so much fun, maybe I'll change my mind on battery powered items.

    1. I'm totally with you on the 'hating batteries' thing actually. I realize the irony that three things on this list use batteries--but those are the only battery items we have! The activity mat is also great even when the battery part isn't turned on because of all the bright colors and objects to grab and swing at.

      Also, home made baby gifts are awesome! My mom knit the boy-o a few blankets and we get comments on how beautiful they are all the time! So rock on with the homemade items. :)

  2. These gifts look wonderful. I especially like No. 1.
    Wish I'd had that in 1961 when I was feeding my first baby. Visiting from UBC after reading your comment about lacking visits. This is so unfair when other people don't play by the rules.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I appreciate the visit. :)

  3. I don't think I would have survived with out my bouncy chair! The aden and anais swaddlers are perfect too, I think I have a slight addiction to swaddle blankets, they're just so hard to resist!

    1. I totally hear you on the swaddle blankets! Sadly our days of swaddling are rapidly coming to an end. The boy-o is getting pretty good at rolling onto his tummy, so we'll have to brave the world of sleep sacks soon!