Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Street Festival Fun!

This past weekend in Toronto was the Taste of the Kingsway festival. It's a small festival that happens on the West end of the city along Bloor Street. We stumbled upon it by accident last year and enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to go back this year intentionally.

The great thing about street festivals is that they bring the community together in a positive way! You can see people of all ages, backgrounds, and persuasions joining together to celebrate a particular culture/neighbourhood etc. These street festivals are also a wonderfully kid friendly way to explore your city! At the Taste of the Kingsway there was lots of delicious food, midway rides, and live music including a Limbo Dancing contest. The boy-o loved dancing around with Mama and Daddy to the music.
It's pretty common to see families with little ones in strollers or carriers wandering around and enjoying some family time in the sunshine during these festivals.

The Taste of the Kingsway is one of my favourite street festivals because as you can see there's lots of picnic tables set up for people to sit at and enjoy their street truck food! The lack of picnic tables is one of my complaints about most of the street festivals around, especially when you've got a little one in tow--so this was fantastic! Some of the tables were even in the shade which was a bonus!

These festivals are also a great place to grab some free swag! At this festival we picked up some free cans of Coke, a canvas bag, a free pizza slice each (trying to advertise the Mozzarella Cheese it was made with), and a signed photo by Wendel Clarke who was there in person. There were also freebies like Frisbees and the like that we passed on. One of the great freebies from street festivals however is balloons!! And for the first time we felt justified taking a balloon that we could attach to the stroller.

Oh right, we also got a little sample pack of goldfish crackers, which Peter obviously can't eat yet! But I can... Nom Nom. So all in all, it was a fantastic day out as a family, and I encourage you to check out the street festivals that might be happening in your neighbourhood! They're a great way to spend some quality time together while exploring new parts of your city at the same time.

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