Friday, September 27, 2013

Teething Trauma

Apparently it runs in my family for babies to start teething early (Oh Joy!) so at the ripe old age of 4.5 months the boy-o already had TWO teeth fully cut through.

At first it was kind of cute and I was all like, "Awww... looks at your little teeth!"

4.5 Months Old
Then he bit me. And continues to bite me on an almost daily basis.

Because not only do babies in my family start to teeth early, apparently we're also somehow related to vampires, because the boy-o sure tries his best to draw blood at every opportunity, and today he nearly succeeded!

Now don't get me wrong, I certainly don't willingly offer my fingers to be sacrificed, but he's pretty sneaky and quite frankly he's pretty quick. He has an assortment of lovely chew toys which see a lot of action, especially now that the top two are trying to come through as well *FACEPALM,* but my fingers continue to be his special treat as he squeals with glee upon inflicting his razor sharp chompers on my poor defenseless fingers. Having to breastfeed a baby with teeth is a whole other story... and once those top teeth come in too he's definitely cut off!

The all wooden one on the left is his favourite!

We've also tried pretty much every suggestion under the sun for making the painful process of teething a little easier for him. We've tried the chilled teething rings and the frozen washcloths--but he hates anything cold in his mouth, so those are all a fail.

He has an amber teething anklet on each foot, and we've tried the Camilia Teething Drops and the Hylands Teething Tablets. I think all three of these are helping, but I try not to use the teething drops and tablets too often, even though they're all natural remedies.

And there's been a few really miserable days where the Infant Tylenol has even come into play. It's so terrible watching your little in pain and you'd think Mother Nature would have come up with a better way for teething to happen by now--evolution my arse!

When did your little start teething?
What were some of your favourite methods for easing teething pain?


  1. I think Sophie started at about 5 months. She loved the soft jelly filled teething rings put into the freezer. She loved it when I would rub it all over her gums. Just massaging them with your clean finger always helped too.

    1. I wish the boy-o liked the cold teething rings. We even have like 4 or 5 different ones, and they're all different shapes, sizes and textures... and he has no interest in any of them!

  2. I don't remember the ages for my boys...but they did like the teething rings and massaging their gums.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I used to massage him gums quite a bit, but with those bottom two teeth through now, voluntarily inserting a finger into his mouth is just plain crazy. Sometimes I'll wrap my finger in a washcloth though and give them a gentle rub that way--less risk of getting bit!

  3. Hey Sarah,

    Funny, I don't recall when either but I do recall having semi frozen plastic coated ice Popsicle, the type you cut off the top & push up to feed the frozen ice block through...

    Anyway, we used to give these to our boys to chew / gnaw, cold provided relief & if they punctured the plastic (occasionally), it wasn't really a problem. Once the shot of the cold was overcome, they seemed to enjoyed it...

    Cheer Dave

    BTW..... just tried to google the Canadian equivalent of popsicle... urban dictionary has just freakd me out (again).

  4. I forgot all about the teething days. Baby's do like to chew things when they are teething.