Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spicy Dill Beans Recipe

If you're interested in trying out your hand at canning here's the Recipe/Instructions I have for canning green/yellow beans into Spicy Dill Beans!

- Large pot for brine
- Large pot for boiling jar lids
- Canning Jars (the number you need depends on what size you want to use)
- Jars, lids and sealers (you can use any size jar you'd like)
- Tongs to remove jar lids from pot
- Funnel and ladle or glass measuring cup
- Oven mits or tea towels to remove hot jars from oven and screw on jar lids
- 6 Qts of beans
- 3 or 4 small ferns of dill
- Enough pealed cloves of garlic for each jar to have one or two
- Enough chilli peppers for each jar to have one
- 1/2 cup pickling salt
- 4 cups white vinegar
- 12 cups water

To prepare the Beans:
- Wash any dirt etc. off beans and trim off ends
- Blanche beans for 2-3 minutes in hot water
- Dump blanched beans into some ice water to instantly cool them, and set aside

To make brine:
- combine 1/2 cup pickling salt, 4 cups of white vinegar and 12 cups of water
- boil brine and keep at a rolling boil

To sterilize jars and lids:
- place jars in oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes
- boil lids (not sealers) in large pot, and remove as needed

Now you're ready to CAN!

Warning: After the jars are filled you need to let them sit for a day or so before moving them to a final storage place, so plan ahead! Make sure you have a cleared off area where they can sit undisturbed to cool.

Step 1. Shove in a sprig or two of dill and a clove of garlic.
Step 2: Fill jar with beans and add a chili pepper.
Step 3: Pour boiling brine into jar with measuring cup to fill up the rest of it.
Step 4: Stick another sprig of dill ontop, place sealer over top of jar and add lid from boiling water.
Step 5: Set aside to cool and don't move jar until cooled. (it will cause pre-mature popping of lid)

Now you've got tasty homemade beans to enjoy throughout the year!! Delicious. 

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