Monday, September 2, 2013

Product Review: The Nose Frida

First off, I want to mention that I am NOT paid or awarded in any way for doing product reviews, and this is just my own experience and opinion of a product that I've used.

Today I want to talk about a product called the Nose Frida, and you can check out their website here:

So essentially the Nose Frida is a Snot Sucker. Gross, right? Yes. But let me tell you, when your little baby gets their first cold (and poor boy-o got his at only 3 months old!) you will do ANYTHING to help them feel better.

The Nose Frida is pretty easy to use, which is quite important when dealing with a small baby and only two arms to do it with. You simply put the larger end of the tube against the outside of their nostril to form a suction (it doesn't go inside), and you put the other end of the tube with the red mouth piece in your mouth and suck the snot out of their nose for them since they can't exactly blow it out themselves!

BUT, don't worry-- the snot doesn't actually come near your mouth! There's a small blue sponge inserted in the tube that catches anything you suck out, so you don't need to worry about cross-contamination. You can angle the tube against their nostril and move it around in a circular motion to make sure that you get everything out.

When you're finished with it, you can discard the sponge and wash out the large blue tube with warm water and soap. It's recommended that you replace the blue sponge after every use so the germs don't linger inside the tube.

Here's a helpful video from the website demonstrating how it works:  Nose Frida in Action

So it's easy enough to use... but does it really work?

When Peter got his first cold he was only 3 month old and I was pretty desperate to help him out in any way I could. A friend recommended the Nose Frida and I had nothing to lose! I can honestly say that although Peter HATED it (and who can blame him really!?) it worked incredibly well! I tried a bulb aspirator first and had no luck with it at all... with the Nose Frida I was able to suck all kinds of mucus from his nose and he was able to breath much better afterwards. I found it was helpful to have my husband here to help hold his head still, but otherwise it was easy to use and very effective! Having to buy a new foam replacement every time you use it makes this product a little more on the expensive side, but if it makes your baby more comfortable, it's totally worth it!

Overall I would give the Nose Frida an 8/10 and highly recommend it to other mamas who are looking for a way to help relieve their baby's cold symptoms.


  1. That makes much more sense than the bulb aspirators! I've never used ours as it looks insane, but that looks so much more user friendly!

  2. They are a little intimidating looking for sure! But they're actually pretty easy to use, and you get a much better result than the nose bulbs.